Frequently Asked Questions

What is the web order process?

Please fill out the form with your contact information when ordering headshots, photo cards or custom reprints. Then, we ask that you send us your files and instructions for your order via email to We will typically respond with a quote and expected turnaround time within the next business day. If you do not receive an email from us within the next business day, check your spam folder. If there's no email in your spam folder, then feel free to call us directly at 312-751-8899. Production begins when you supply your credit card information over the phone.

Do you offer a “rush service”?

Yes: same day or next day service is $20.

How long do we hold files?

For "talent" files, headshots and models' comps, 2 to 3 years.

Which file formats are acceptable?

For custom photos, we accept most formats except .heic or .doc files. For print pieces with type, we accept .pdf files. Please export .doc files or Publisher files to .pdfs before sending.

Are there shipping fees?

Mostly, we ship FedX-Ground ($17 in Chicagoland; $18 in the Midwest). If sending via the US Mail, the minimum is $7; a few dollars more for priority mail with tracking info.

How long do we hold scanned negs or custom photo files?

Generally one month, unless you specifically requested otherwise.

Is there a “Minimum Order” charge?

Yes: $9 … and with sales tax, it becomes $10.

What if I still have a question?

Email us: ....Or call us: 312-751-8899.